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long 900

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long 900  
  Started at Tue Aug 10 02:40:26 2004
i just got a long 900 tractor and i dont know much about it and i have been trying to get some info. from someone please. i have tried to get my questions on forum but apperently not doing something right. how do you find out what year it is. the model #is 1540, tractor # is 14204., the only gauge that works on the dash is the oil sending unit, because it is apressure switch. the rest of the gauages are elec. but someone has disc. all of the wiring. the neddle on the tach. is broken offand the gear is stripped. can anyone tell me where i can find a manual or wiring diagram. i know all this sounds bad but the tractor really runs good and looks pretty good,i need to find out what filters to change and numbers of filters

Chris Lockwood

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Re: long 900  
  Reply #1 Posted at Wed Aug 11 21:19:50 2004
Congratulations on your purchase.
It sounds like my 5748.
Are you going to restore it/does it need restoring?
Best Regards

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Tom's Zetor Crystal 8011..just chugging along!

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Re: long 900  
  Reply #2 Posted at Wed Aug 11 22:13:39 2004
Hi Rodney,

There is a post at the begining of this forum about a Long 900 in which Renze states:

"The Zetor 8011 was Ursus C-385 from the Polish factory. In fact both tractors were identical, the difference was that the cab doors of a Zetor were hinged at the front end of the door, and the Ursus doors at the cab. Furthermore, the sheetmetal parts that Zetor painted red, were painted yellow by Ursus.

The Long 900 and 910 are built in the Ursus factory, and the sheetmetal parts that Zetor painted red, and Ursus painted yellow, were painted blue on the Long.

These are reliable machines, great pullers and ALL parts are available through the Zetor PDC parts distribution network".

So it looks like you have a badge engineered Zetor Crystal 8011!

Happy tractoring...

Tom in Ireland

Tom in Ireland 1977 Crystal 8011
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