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Hydraulic Problem Proxima 85

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Hydraulic Problem Proxima 85  
  Started at Wed Mar 30 10:28:57 2011
I have bought new Proxima 85, 2010 model. When I used for first time, and transport а 500 kg seed drill, after 30 minutes of driving the hydraulic fall down. Now, if I lift it up, immediately gradually falling down. ANY SUGGESTIONS !!!

I've changed the hydraulic pump and the filter but the problem still stay. embarassed

Please help me!

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Goed goan !!

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Re: Hydraulic Problem Proxima 85  
  Reply #1 Posted at Wed Mar 30 17:03:59 2011
gradually dropping means that the problem isnt in the pump or filter, it should be the lift cylinder valve or piston rings.
Dont you have warranty on this 2010 model ?

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Re: Hydraulic Problem Proxima 85  
  Reply #2 Posted at Thu Mar 31 10:16:48 2011
If hitch mode is Draft or Mixed it can do that with heavier machines. If selector lever is Position mode, it should keep it up. Does it have pneumatic control? If pneumatic valve electricity feeding has problems? Or then it is lift cylinder seals. Valve it can be too, but its rare problem with Zetors.

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