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Backhoe for 5245 3PT?

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Backhoe for 5245 3PT?  
  Started at Fri May 2 21:19:47 2008
Greetings All:

I'm considering putting a backhoe on my 5245. I read through a post here were this was being considered by Renze...not sure how that ended up (??).

I'd like to do some miscellaneous digging, trenches, stump removal, drainage, etc. I'm a little concerned about hurting the 5245, though I think that would be rather difficult to do.

Is digging stumps really tough on a backhoe/tractor?

I have an Allied loader with a big subframe mount on the front. Will a backhoe with a subframe attach with this?

Do you think a subframe would be necessary? If the hoe has its own stiff legs, lifting up the back end of the tractor, is there serious load placed on the tractor? This was the concern in the previous thread....through the top link.

Any comments/thoughts/pictures/experiences would be great.

Looking forward to getting back outside and working with my machine!


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Re: Backhoe for 5245 3PT?  
  Reply #1 Posted at Sat May 3 09:07:37 2008
Hi. I dont think it would be a problem since you got a counterweigth in the loader. i dont now how big your machine is but all in all a three point mount is not good for the tractor... i own a 1985 6245 with a Haka 2200 machine and it is fitted with a subframe. Its a fairly big an strong machine and can lift 1000 kgs straigth out. when mounting the sub frame the workshop has welded the portals and the trumpet housing together so the become stronger like on the new proximas.thats because the machine and digging puts a heavy load on the tractor. also the 6245 is a little short on engin power. not for digging digs great at 1400 rpm. but for driving it on the road and up hills as we got a lot of here in norway. so i dont know how the 5245 will be with a machine fitted maybe to little. i dont know. hope this will help a little happy

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Re: Backhoe for 5245 3PT?  
  Reply #2 Posted at Sat May 3 16:59:54 2008
I ended up putting a loader on the 5245, which lifts about 1200 kg.
a backhoe didnt have the versatility to carry goods like pallets...

If you want to remove trees, best way is to cut some roots and then push them all over: Let the weight and leverage of the tree do the work for you. Its way easier than first cutting the tree off and then struggle with only a stump....

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